The leopard, who decided to play tourist, became a YouTube star

Леопард, решивший поиграть с туристом, стал звездой YouTube

Leopards are also cats.

An unusual event occurred in the reserve located on the territory of Botswana. The leopard decided to get acquainted with one of the tourists who went on Safari and to play with him, reports the with reference to

Video was shot at the leopard national Park and the Okavango Delta. First the leopard approached the vehicle, which traveled tourist, and then began to sniff and touch it with his paw shoes men, which looked out from the car. The predator even attempted to try tourist “to the tooth”, but the sound of the engine of the machine that made the driver startled the leopard.

The tourist says that is not afraid of the leopard. Accompanying the tour guide said that the predator fed on the way he noticed the torn of the Impala, and hardly attack.

The guide told me not to move, I didn’t move. I was not afraid, and the leopard seemed to be a large domestic cat, ‒ said the tourist.

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