The lessons of sex education in Ontario will continue to examine issues of consent and gender (PHOTO)

На уроках полового воспитания в Онтарио по-прежнему будут изучать вопросы согласия и гендера (ФОТО)

The Minister of education of Ontario Lisa Thompson said that despite plans by the provincial government to abandon the updated educational program on sexual education in the classroom students will continue to address issues of consent and gender identity.

Thompson made the announcement on Monday, July 16, at the Queen’s Park − less than a week after the Ontario government was notified about the return to the curriculum on sex education, developed in 1998, while it consults with parents for its update.

As stressed by Thompson, and this fall the children will talk about the lessons of several key issues not mentioned in the old version of the educational plan, including on gender identity and why it is dangerous to send interlocutors in private erotic photography.

“This includes the issue of consent. This includes the issue of exchange of erotic messages,” said Thompson.

The progressive conservatives decision to revert to an earlier version of the curriculum on sex education has caused sharp criticism from the official opposition, as well as a number of teachers, including those who plan to continue to teach in a modern educational program, developed by the liberals.

Peggy Sattler, member of Parliament from Ontario New democratic party, representing the constituency of London West called the decision to abandon the school program 2015 “dangerous”. In her opinion, it means “to bring Ontario back” and threaten the youth. She also accused the progressive conservatives that they with this solution enlisted the support of social conservatives.

The Minister of education of Ontario responded by accusing the opposition of trying to create “misconceptions” about the government’s plans in respect of sexuality education and adding that the curriculum needs to be rewritten, because the last time the process of consultation “were completely wrong.”

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