The liberals have again increased the projected budget deficit party New Democrats (PHOTOS)

Либералы вновь увеличили прогнозируемый дефицит бюджета партии Новых демократов  (ФОТО)

The liberals of Ontario are calling the New democratic party to revise its platform after leader Andrea Horvath acknowledged that her party made a mistake in the calculations: the party has taken into account the reserve Fund in the amount of $700 million as income and not as an expense, which led to an increase in the budget deficit by $1.4 billion.

Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne said that Horvath is responsible for correcting errors, not only from a technical point of view but also from the point of view of the implementation of the whole platform in the context of the latest fixes.

“People are counting on us, she said. They expect that we will be able to develop a clear plan and show clearly what effect it will give.”

Initially, the party the New Democrats said that in 2018-2019, according to their platform, the province will experience a shortfall of $3.3 billion, but with the adjustments and elimination of errors, the number had grown to $4.7 billion.

The deficit, projected the Liberal party, is $6.7 billion, and the progressive conservatives still have not presented an election program as a whole, but said that probably the government will experience a deficit in its first year of operation.

On Monday, Wynne said that is not how the party New Democrats will continue to work on the same platform.

“This changes everything offers and can implement their platform, said Wynn. – So Horvat will have to answer questions about how she plans to act and how this error affects the entire plan.”

But Horvath said that although the error will affect the forecasts of a deficit for several years, her party will not change its promises on spending.

“This does not prevent us to do something that we can do to get rid of the “corridor” of medicine, for example, and debug the operation of residential care homes for the elderly in our province – said Horvat on Sunday. – The deficit will be a little longer than expected, but we will try to balance it”.

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