The living Queen Elizabeth II has a new touching family portrait

Queen Elizabeth II

Today in White hall Windsor castle a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch gave his regiment the British air force. Artist Stuart brown under military escort handed over the gift to the President. Photographers, who filmed the meeting, inadvertently captured in the room is another interesting image.

Queen Elizabeth II by artist Stuart brown and military

On the table in the living room of the Queen has a new family photo in the frame. In the picture the Queen and Prince Philip pose with their grandchildren. Princess Charlotte is sitting on the lap of the great-grandmother, Prince George is behind the sofa, their cousin Savannah Phillips and other cousins, brothers and sisters located next.

Family portrait in the living room of Queen Elizabeth II

The photo is not the youngest son of Kate Middleton and Prince Williami – Prince Louis. Perhaps this lovely portrait was made before he was born.

Elizabeth II likes to decorate the tables in the living rooms of their residences in this way. The press is not the first time he says them real rarities, family shots, some of which nobody saw.

Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Charlotte and Prince George

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