The main mistakes made when Parking

Названы главные ошибки, допускаемые при парковке

These three mistakes are most frequent for novice drivers.

Experienced drivers are sure mistakes when Parking to allow only “dummies” who bought a driver’s license or just graduated a driving school. However, judging by what we see daily on the streets, the situation is quite different. We will talk about the 3 most common mistakes of modern motorists when Parking, according to the with reference to AVTOVAZ.

Parking is an art, process, require the driver maximum concentration limit of accuracy and certain knowledge. For novice drivers maneuvering Parking often turns into a nightmare. It is not surprising, because the culprit – inexperience.

After a few thousand miles, the average driver – the most severe cases we do not see – becomes a learning experience. He feels much calmer and freer both in traffic and in the Parking lot. Misses becomes less in auto repair, to patch up the bumper, have to go less often. Anyway – skills improve every day!

Clever uphill will not go

To hurry and get home on your favorite sofa, to the TV or dinner – many drivers leave cars anywhere. Often cars parked on a steep slope, which is extremely dangerous. Is it possible to be fully confident that the mechanisms of the hand brake or transmission will hold the vehicle stationary if it will fly another car?

My business

The entry-exit or turns – also not the most convenient places to Park. Drivers who prefer them, don’t think about the fact that their transport, they at least cover an overview of other road users. Besides, such antics can cause damage to car by can to drive overall garbage truck, blonde kruzak or simple driver Lanos with “saber”.

Very very closely

Let’s see how are the parked cars in the vast Parking lots of shopping centers. The vast majority of citizens are willing to Park your iron horse as close as possible to entrance, even if all the places were already occupied. Typically, these drivers propiciate in the narrow gap, blocking the way to pedestrians and other vehicles.

Often such schemers will be surprised by dents and scratches.

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