The main symptoms that you should consult a doctor

Названы главные симптомы, при которых стоит обращаться к врачу

The emergence of these problems can indicate a serious condition.

Everyone from time to time can feel the symptoms of a cold, a cough, body aches, fever, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Playing sports is also linked to discomfort, moderate pain in training and after are a natural body response to the load. But some signs are not considered natural, they say that the person needs medical assistance.

Sometimes the body tells us that something is wrong, it is important to learn to recognize these signs and never ignore them. The presence of these symptoms suggests that you need to go to the doctor.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath can occur for various reasons, in some cases it is not necessary to pay attention, but sometimes she speaks about serious health problems. If shortness of breath appears at rest, that is, increased frequency of respiratory rhythm has no explanation, you should immediately seek help. No need to monitor his condition and wait for that shortness of breath will pass by itself, lost time turns into serious diseases of the respiratory system.

Pain in the chest

Chest pain is also a common phenomenon, the severity of chest pain depends on its nature and the circumstances in which it arose. If you feel mild chest pain during exercise, then she’s probably not signals of danger. But if the pain occurs at the moment when the person is not subjecting himself to high loads, it tells about the problem of a medical nature.

Especially bad sign is the combination of chest pain with palpitations, increased sweating, difficulty in breathing and nausea.

Sharp headache

Headache after a busy day indicates the presence of fatigue, it is not a worrying sign. But leave unattended any pain in the head, you should know the frequency and intensity of disturbing you of pain. If the headache started suddenly, has a growing character and feel more powerful than usual, it indicates health problems. Too frequent or too frequent headaches is the reason for going to the doctor.

Acute abdominal pain

Abdominal pain may appear because of different conditions, many of them do not require intervention, but the acute pain has never come without a serious reason. Sudden sharp abdominal pain may indicate inflammation of appendicitis, difficulty of digestion, gastro-intestinal infections. To determine the cause of the pain and find a way to resolve it, only the doctor, therefore, acute pain should seek help.

Sudden weight loss

Many people dream to do nothing and lose weight, but if this dream begins to be fulfilled, this indicates a serious problem. When a person constantly feels weak and starts to lose weight, it is a sign of health threats. Loss of 5% or more of body weight without using diet and exercise is a symptom of many dangerous diseases due to which the body cannot properly dispose of nutrients.

Temperature rise

The human body uses the mechanism of increasing the temperature in order to protect yourself from infections and viruses, for this reason, all experiencing an increase in temperature. But when the temperature is kept for a long period, this is cause for concern, especially if it is accompanied by pain.

The rise in temperature without other symptoms can indicate a wide range of diseases, from urinary tract infections to cancer processes. To the doctor you need to apply whenever the fever lasts more than three days or rises higher than usual in diseases.

Changes in the psyche

These include any personality changes, deterioration of mental activity, memory problems, decreased performance, difficulty concentrating, irrational mood swings and other signs. These changes can be due to various reasons like poor nutrition and infectious diseases, and mental disorders.

If you notice that began to change, so, you should immediately go to the doctor to check the status of their health.

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