The main trainer of Ukraine told about the “superstretch” for weight loss

Главный фитнес-тренер Украины рассказала о "суперсредствах" для похудения

Lutsenko raskazala about the pills, belts, fat burners, and other tools.The main fitness coach Anita Lutsenko country, which was recently held in fancy dress flashed athletic legs, told how effective the so-called “supercredits” for weight loss. On how to achieve a truly toned and slender figure she wrote on his page on Instagram, reports the with reference to RBC.

“If people were looking for ways to lose weight: pills, belts, creams, saunas, massages, teas, algae, fat burners, water with lemon, berries, hunger strikes, diets, and specprodukt specimen for classes, etc… or means of the conspiracy: the shaping of the pieces, visually changing the real picture, YOU FIGURE!!! It’s just believing in a fairy tale and unwillingness to take responsibility for your body and just work on them!” – considers Lutsenko.

She also added that the Foundation of effective weight loss is proper nutrition, not a grueling diet and complete avoidance of sweet and fatty.

“Many people upset! But if there is no PROPER NUTRITION (not diet, 1000 kcal, not the lack of sugar and fat, namely, a normal full power) + regular exercise (or, OK, active stirring during the day) then again, YOU FIGURE! Nothing will happen! More precisely will happen, but it’s such a meager and short-lived effect that is just a waste of time and money!” – she writes.

Lutsenko also noted that “supercredits” for weight loss are marketing a product that is aimed only at earnings.

“If you count how much is spent in the world of money “supercredits”, then I think you stunned! Everything is simple and difficult at the same time! I wish all not to be “lohotoron” if you wish to change. Read fairy tales to children, and do work on yourself and your lifestyle! But if there is no desire to work, relax and get the full pleasure from the period of “screw it, I want and eat and do nothing”! Life is different and every period is important!” – added a fitness instructor.

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