The man died from flesh-eating bacteria after eating oysters

Мужчина умер от плотоядной бактерии, поев устриц

The man died from flesh-eating bacteria after eating oysters

Author: Alina Dykman

new Jersey FL

In Florida, 71-year-old man ate raw oysters and 2 days later died from a flesh-eating bacteria.

As described in the Department of health of Florida (Florida Department of Health), rock oysters resident of Sarasota filed the restaurant on 8 July. In what officials said.

Flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus is often located in the shellfish. In addition, you can catch them in the warm sea or river water, through wounds in the skin.

Doctors always warn against consuming raw shellfish and swimming in water, if the skin has scratches or other damage. When hit by a flesh-eating bacteria in human blood, the risk of death reaches 50%. And susceptible to the disease as children and the elderly, and the young, in the Prime of life and health.

Infection with a bacterium through the gastrointestinal tract usually does not lead to death, but people with weakened immune systems or chronic liver diseases is still in the area of special risk.

“Often with flesh-eating bacteria infected from may to October when the water is warmer. Since the beginning of year in Florida there were 16 cases of Vibrio vulnificus infection. Three of them ended with a lethal outcome”, — told in the state Department of health.

Meanwhile, in new Jersey flesh-eating bacteria eats man alive, caught her while fishing.

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