The man put out the tongue 62 burning matches (video)

Мужчина потушил языком 62 горящие спички (видео)

A resident of the Slovak town of Puchov Pavol Durdik one minute lit and extinguished their own language 62 burning matches. The man once again got into the Guinness Book of records, because the two previous record also belonged to him. In February 2017, he turned off 45 matches, but eight months later had improved his score by a further 14 matches, reports “Today”.

In addition to putting out matches, Durdica there are other Hobbies. In 2017, the Guinness Book of records noted another achievement Slovak: he managed in 30 seconds to pull on one leg 28 of socks. In addition, he holds the world record for number of lit and extinguished torches.