The man was a picture of “alien”, neudavshayasya to visit him

Мужчина сфоткал «инопланетянина», наведавшегося к нему в гости

This photo scare anyone.

The user the world-famous site Reddit, who asked to remain anonymous, was put up for everyone to see creepy photo taken in one of the rooms of your personal home, reports the OS link

The man was photographing his young son, when he noticed another shot of the strange creature that freely roamed the house.

What happened to the characters of the story came as a shock, including a young son. In the background the attached photo is clearly visible disproportionate figure is clearly alien. It has a small head, long thin body and legs without the feet.

Live alien were not seen: it captures only the camera. Father long was running around the house in search the creation, but found nothing. He is sure that his home was visited by aliens that is.

Netizens have tried to reassure the author of the post, assuring that he saw parabolicheskoi the illusion or the usual “bug” of camera. However, neither the argument of people not persuaded the man. The author plans to contact ufologists to reveal the truth.

Мужчина сфоткал «инопланетянина», наведавшегося к нему в гости

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