The man who killed his wife while their 6 year old daughter was sleeping went

L'homme qui a tué son épouse pendant que leur fille de 6 ans dormait s'est rendu

A young 29 year old woman had been found dead in his apartment of the rue Vincent-Van-Gogh to Toulouse. It is his brother who, worried not to have news, had given the alert.

Firefighters arrived on the scene Sunday at 8: 30, found the door closed. They had to climb onto the roof of the building and then rappel down to reach the housing.

Inside, the victim was lying with a knife stuck in the chest. His 6 year old daughter, who was still asleep in the apartment, was supported. As the companion of the victim and father of a family, he had disappeared.

This last was made Monday, the clothes stained with blood, in a police station in Lisbon, Portugal, where he is made a prisoner.

He had drove all night between Toulouse and the Portuguese capital.

According to the first elements of the investigation, a dispute on a background of suspicion of adultery would have been split in the couple. The families of both spouses would be involved in the dispute, via the social networks.

At the end of it, the man grabbed a knife and stabbed to death the young woman while the 6 years old child slept peacefully in the room.