The mass poisoning of the military near Kiev: the doctor called “the FACTS” possible cause

Массовое отравление военных под Киевом: врач назвал "ФАКТАМ" возможную причину

In the Main military clinical hospital of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine for the second day are 20 soldiers received from Vasylkivska military unit with symptoms of severe poisoning. As reported on his page in Facebook the Military Prosecutor of the Central region, the outbreak has already manifested on 4 December. First twelve, and then eight more of the soldiers turned to the clinic with complaints of fever, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. After first aid all the soldiers immediately brought to Kiev and placed in the hospital’s main military hospital with preliminary diagnosis gastroenterocolitis. On Friday, their physician gave an exclusive comments “FACTS”.

All patients arrived from Vasylkivska military unit, feel good, they are healthy, says the head of the Department of intestinal infection National military medical clinical center “Main military clinical hospital” Anatoly Vishnyakov. — However, while they will be in the hospital as we still have no results of bacteriological studies. In addition, the sanitary inspection, which took in Vasylkiv a military unit samples of water and food, also not yet provided the results of their research. But to write of soldiers, we need to be hundred percent sure that they do not pose a danger to others.

In fact, I’m pretty confident that the tests will not be detected pathogens. If the military unit was indeed spoiled food or bad water, the victims would not be 20 and at times more, as is usually the case with mass poisoning. Not going to argue, but I suppose that the soldiers were poisoned by something she ate outside the kitchen of the military unit. Most of them admitted that they bought food and water at a local shop. What exactly they ate, after which they became ill, soldiers do not remember. By the way, all 20 were observed respiratory disease, in other words, the virus. Perhaps a General weakened condition in addition to some bought stale food given the symptoms of poisoning. However, once again, to say this is guaranteed only after all of the test results. I think they will be ready next week.

where there was an outbreak of intestinal infection. In Kyiv Shawarma sickened dozens of people.

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