The mayor has a heart attack with 2 prostitutes : they let themselves die

Le maire a une crise cardiaque avec 2 prostituées : ces dernières le laissent mourir

The mayor of a small village in Haute-Marne, at the age of fifty years, had disappeared on 11 November.

The gendarmes, alerted by the wife, have geo-located her cell phone and the lifeless body of the elect will be discovered in an apartment in Nancy.

Very quickly, the investigation reveals that he had an appointment there, around 11 in the morning, with two prostitutes who sub-lease this apartment.

Two days later, one of them went to the police station to tell what had happened this November 11. Just after having paid his / her benefit and, even before that it had not yet begun, the mayor had a heart attack.

The prostitute attempted to revive him by pressing on acupuncture points and by practicing a massage on the chest. In vain.

Panicked strokes, the 2 sex workers have fled while the victim was still breathing.

This is only 8 hours later, back in Paris, that the prostitute has decided to call the tenant to whom it sublets the apartment of Nancy who, in turn, alerted the fire department. But the body had already been discovered by the police

The autopsy and investigation have confirmed the account of the prostitute. She has been under investigation for non-assistance to person in danger and release under judicial control.

About his “colleague”, this last is not found.