The Melania trump ridiculed for the unusual Christmas tree: the best memes

Melania Trump

Melania trump recently shared with his Twitter followers the new year with photos and video. The first lady of the United States and its large team of decorators and volunteers have completed preparing the White house for Christmas.

The white house sparkle for the Christmas season! — wrote wife of Donald trump.

Many congratulated the first lady, however some drew attention to the trees, which was made of an unknown material blood-red color. One day the video attracted over a million views and many subscribers Mrs. trump is so imbued with the atmosphere of the coming holiday, which came up with dozens of memes, compared to the new decor to the entrance to the castle of the White witch from “Narnia”, the tree reminded some members of the Ku Klux Klan and even the scenery from the TV series “the handmaid’s Tale”.

Decorator: Okay, we don’t want a corridor in the residence looked like last year, and was similar to the entrance to the castle of the White witch from “Narnia”.
Melania: Maybe red?Decorator: Sure! Red ornaments — that’s awesome!
The Melanya: No. Trees. Red.
Decorator: …
The Melanya: As the blood of my enemies.

New decorations in the White house. Just like in the television series “the handmaid’s Tale”…

“Come play with us!” — how would you call the heroine of “the Shining” by Stanley Kubrick

Burst, as they say…

Welcome to Gilead!

Trees, like members of the Ku Klux Klan

Trees Melania or car wash?

Tree as the heroine of “the handmaid’s Tale”. Very nice, isn’t it?

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