The memoirs of Natalya Varley and the reaction to them: the actress told in the book about harassment by Leonid Gaidai

Natalya Varley

71-year-old Soviet movie star Natalya Varley published the book “Kanatohodka. The autobiography”, on which he worked for a year. The entire day discussing it online and press (on SPLETNIK.RU first to speak about it blogger ylsyls). Understand why the autobiography has caused such resonance.

In an interview with critic Grigory Zaslavsky Varley explained what motivated her to write many facts about himself and the famous contemporaries with whom she has worked.

There is a lot of my libigraph. To deal with the tabloids and unscrupulous publications I have no strength. It takes a lot of emotion and causes a lot of pain. And I decided that one just need to sit down and write so what happened. Of course, all the nooks and crannies of my life and soul are not covered. Not everything and not all is written, of course, but the main milestones I have passed,— said the actress.

Natalya Varley

According to the actress, she from a young age kept diaries, so the habit to analyze the event and record everything that happens, was formed earlier. In addition, in the 1980s she studied at the Literary Institute named after A. M. Gorky, so when the publisher offered Natalia a literary assistant to work on a book, she refused and wrote it yourself.

The actress who gained fame and popularity after the film by Leonid Gaidai “the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures”, remembered in the pages of “Kanatohodka” on the relationship with the Director. And these memories were in tune with the movement of Me Too, which was joined by many Hollywood stars.

Natalya Varley. Shot from a film “the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures”

Varley described in his autobiography an incident during the filming of “the Caucasian captive…”. The crew celebrated the birthday of actor Alexander Demyanenko, who played the role of Shurik in the picture. After celebrating the hayday, the story Varley, had volunteered to accompany her to the hotel, and not only held him and entered him.

And we sat down — I on the edge of a chair, and Leonid Iovich in a chair by the window across the street. The situation was more than awkward… I started to “fill the gap”, something babbling about the birthday party of Sasha, about tomorrow’s shooting… And then in the hallway there was a loud sound of hurried steps and the door, stopped Nina p. (Nina Grebeshkova, the wife of Leonid Gaidai. — Approx. ed.). Embarrassment I found nothing smarter than to say: “We’re talking about work!”. Nina Pavlovna silently left. The door slammed next door. Leonid Iovich rose from his chair and went to the door, I went to close the door behind him. But Gaidai suddenly he locked it, turned and tried to kiss me — said Varley in his book.

Out of the awkward situation she was in and out, pushing the Director and closing the door behind him.

Journalists of radio station “Moscow speaking” contacted the widow of Leonid Gaidai, and commented on the story Varley actress Nina Grebeshkova.

It’s probably the menopause. Well, you at least shit taking so long? Well written man, I didn’t read what she wrote there. I don’t have her books. To contact Embassy, but he has already died twenty-five years ago. I’m not interested — said it journalists.

Natalya Varley and Alexander Demyanenko in the film “the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures”

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