The mercury transit will take place in the Sun, and we won’t see it until 2032

На днях Меркурий транзитом пройдет на фоне Солнца, и мы не увидим этого до 2032 года

On Monday, scientists around the world will be watching the transit of mercury, and it will not happen again until 2032.

Monday, November 11th, mercury will pass directly in front of the Sun in the astronomical phenomenon known as a transit. Mercury is the first inner planet from the star. It will be visible as a small black dot crossing the face of the Sun.

The entire transit will be visible in the Eastern United States. People in the Central and Western part of the country will have to wait until sunrise to see the part of the passage of the planet. To see the transit is possible only through optics, however, astronomers call all fans of celestial events to keep your eyes – use filters.

The transit of mercury is an event that only happens about 13 times per century, according to NASA.