The Mexican threw a Shoe to the daughter across the street and got hit right in the head (video)

Мексиканка кинула тапок в дочь через всю улицу и попала прямо в голову (видео)

A movie in which the mother hit the daughter with a slipper with a 50-foot distance, gained viral popularity on the network. The incident happened in one of the Mexican cities. The video appeared on Youtube.

After watching the footage, you can see how a teenage girl runs away from her mother, and a woman behind her. Run to the road, the mother takes the Thong from his leg and launches it so strongly and accurately to the girl that he not only was able to fly to her daughter, but also to sweep her off her feet. Rather, the impact was clear in the head.

As a result, the girl fell to the ground, and the mother began to laugh loudly.

Network users liked the curious incident. They throw Navali women “sniper” and worthy of “Olympic sports”. The video has already gathered more than 1.32 million hits, 88 thousand likes and more than 55 thousand retweets.