The militants, dressed in the uniform of the APU, to embarrass an appeal to Poroshenko

Боевики, одетые в форму ВСУ, оконфузились с обращением к Порошенко

Militant summed up the accent. Not so long ago terrorists ORDO has lost village of Chigiri under Gorlovka. Trying to whitewash his reputation, the defenders of the “Russian world” has decided to change the shape of the APU and to remove the fake video that was immediately ridiculed in the network, reports the with reference to DILL.

Recently appeared on YouTube allegedly a video of the fighters EP, which took Cigari.

In the video, a man in military uniform with yellow and blue patch, hiding the face, says that Ukrainian soldiers allegedly tried to break into the outskirts of Gorlovka, but the rebels repulsed the assault. According to the movie character, the leadership ordered them to gain a foothold in Charah, but the positions were well exposed to small arms, besides around the swamp. It is also not clear “military” claims that the promised reinforcements armor they got.

The Ukrainians immediately realized that the video depicted not their compatriot. The pretender gives a clear Russian accent and strange pronunciation of the word “Peremoga” and an appeal to Petro Poroshenko, “comrade President.”

Top comments under the video speaks for itself:

“Nice try tovarischi vatnichki, but you need to work with an accent, your lousy Russian accent, too grates on the ears.”

“Let’s get another actor! Bad heket!”

“For the credibility of the Negro NATO members is not enough…”

“Another stupid fake. And you and led. The accent is all Russian. Name, surname, and Department does not name, the face is not showing. No “pot” on the line of contact is unknown. Just see militias bad, if in this way trying to raise morale after yet another lost territories. “Comrade President,” it is generally beyond good and evil. =))))” — posted by users.

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