The militants fired at people in line at a checkpoint (video)

Боевики обстреляли людей в очереди на блокпосту (видео)

Militants “DNR” and Russian occupants fired at the people standing in the queue to the checkpoint at the temporarily occupied Gorlovka and tried to blame it on the APU. However, again, “confused about the facts.”

She had learned the statement of Donbass.

At the checkpoint, the militants “DNR” under the temporarily occupied Gorlovka February 15, 2019, the militants and Russian occupants opened fire on peaceful people as a result, one man received a slight wound, another bruise is left. The victims were given assistance on the spot, and they continued on their way further into the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government.

Representatives of the “administration” of Gorlovka militants “DND” was accused of firing the APU, saying that the shot was fired from the position in the Zhovanka located at a distance of 3 km from the scene. However, it remains a mystery of some mysterious modifications of the Kalashnikov or other rifles shooting bullets of calibre of 5,45 mm were firing. Because the machine shoots aiming for 800 m, range of flight of a bullet at a distance of a maximum of 1.5 km.

“Video footage” from the event was published by local TV channel, controlled by the occupation “authorities of the DNI”. Particularly noteworthy are the fragments of 0.34 min. and then 1.18. In the first case, one of the Deputy “mayor” of Gorlovka said that “there is nothing to think, the firing was conducted from Ukrainian side”, and the second speaking man in a camouflage frankly reads text from the screen of the smartphone.

Residents of temporarily occupied Gorlovka wistfully asked: “And chevo… a little died in the line… you have to shoot… where we at ???”.