The militants “LNR” under public pressure, released the hostage, kidnapped two months ago (photo)

Боевики "ЛНР" под давлением общественности отпустили заложника, похищенного два месяца назад (фото)

In the occupied Lugansk from the dungeons of the so-called “Ministry of state security of LPR” (“MGB LNR”) today, December 8, released a 58-year-old Alexander Sagaydak, who was kidnapped October 15 of the current year. This “fact” reported hostage daughter Anna Slastnikova.

“Father, today released from the Lugansk prison where he was held on trumped-up charges. Father was accused that he allegedly “pressure” on the witnesses in her son and my brother Roman Sagaidak. The novel is still in the clutches of the militants. Brother were abducted in the occupied Lugansk June 30, 2017. Roman was accused in several crimes on false testimony of his former business partner.

Боевики "ЛНР" под давлением общественности отпустили заложника, похищенного два месяца назад (фото)

*Roman Sagaidak

In the so-called “fact” brother there is nothing that would confirm these accusations. Our family has spent thousands of dollars on lawyers. But in the occupied territories, the work of lawyers, as practice shows, productive can not be. On 26 November Roman “verdict”: it “sentenced” to 13 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. For allegedly… has stolen the camera from his former partner and threatened him and his companion. And the second “victim” in “” my brother, by the way, is a citizen of Lithuania, European Union (!), but, nevertheless, he took part in this feykovye “court” in the occupied territory of Ukraine and conducting business with the occupiers. Thus, the stolen during the so-called “search” my brother and my parents money, precious metals and equipment for the production of jewelry (my brother doing just that), is now “confiscated” in favor of the so-called “Republic”.

And my father said let him go under “house arrest”. They say, still be “court”. That is, it can still be put in jail. Although one of the allegedly “crushed” by the Pope witnesses already came to our house with an apology. And, moreover, the witness had the courage to retract your statement of “MGB LNR”, saying that he had given them under pressure from the “investigation”. Who ever visited the interrogation of the rebels, or at least a couple of hours spent “in the basement”, or who were looking for their relatives who fell into the hands of the militants, you will understand that it is a very bold step on the part of the person living in the occupation.

But there are two so-called “witnesses” who, like the third, no relation to “case” my brother does not have. And what is written in their testimony, and how they behave on the “trial”, we do not know. The lawyer with the case are not familiar, as the “accused”, my father. The “ruling on detention” the militants gave him only 8 November. It was pointed out that… 8 Nov its allegedly “detained”.

Also gave me out “MGB LNR”, which released Papa allegedly out of fear for the life of one of the “witnesses” in the case, which, according to them, living on the peaceful territory of Ukraine. And besides, let the father through the work of the Kharkiv human rights group, to which I applied (defenders shut all instances of the queries), and journalists, highlighting the tragedy of our family public. And said, “This is for you! You are inadequate! All ears raised!”. So all “inadequate”, who supported our family in this difficult struggle, thanks,” — told the “FACTS” Anna Slastnikova.

Боевики "ЛНР" под давлением общественности отпустили заложника, похищенного два месяца назад (фото)
*Alexander Sagaydak with her daughter and grandchildren. The Anna Slastnikova

Sister and mother of Roman Sagaidak continue to fight for his release: a novel on the lists on the exchange of prisoners in the anti-terrorist center of the SBU. But to achieve his release is not yet possible.

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