The Minister against culture: 10 most bizarre actions of Vladimir Medinsky

One of the most discussed and controversial politicians in the country Vladimir Medinsky will retain the post of culture Minister in the new government, according to RBC. While the cultural community is discussing the reappointment of the Minister, collect will in a fist, SPLETNIK.RU recalls major scandals involving Medina and explains why it sometimes seems that the Minister does not fight for culture, and against her.

Medina vs Paddington bear

In January it became known that the Ministry of culture has decided to postpone for two weeks the Russian premiere of the family Comedy “the adventures of Paddington 2”. As suggested by the theater owners — not to create unnecessary competition to the Russian paintings (including the much-touted “upward Movement”). Medina confirmed that “acts in the interests of the Russian cinema”. However, two days later, the military changed their decision and allowed to start the rental from 20 January, not 1 February as previously stated.

Medina does not mince words

The Minister of culture expressed cultural — but only as long as someone does not encroach on the sacred. For example, the story about the heroism Panfilovtsev, which was filmed the movie “28 Panfilov”. Those who criticize the ribbon, Medina spoke sharply:

My deepest conviction is that even if this story was invented from the beginning to the end, even if it wasn’t., even if there was nothing is a sacred legend, which just shouldn’t be touched. And the people who do it, — scum lost

the Minister said culture, adding that the feat of the Panfilov “the same series” that the story of the 300 Spartans.

I can not remember another catch phrase of Vladimir, who blew up four years ago, all social networks. We’ll just leave this here:

What I don’t see the point is to shoot films for money Ministry of culture, who spit upon the selected power, not even criticize. This is about those who shoot film on the principle of “Raska-kownacka”. Why? Some kind of state masochism.

Medina vs “Stalin’s Death”

British satirical film “Death of Stalin” on Russian screens did not come out, while Medina assured everyone that this decision is connected with issues of morality and legal aspects, not with censorship.

Many people of the older generation, and not only perceive it as insulting mockery of the Soviet past of the country that defeated fascism, the Soviet army and of ordinary people — and that the contrary, even the victims of Stalinism,

— the Minister explained.

Medina for Russian cinema

During his tenure as culture Minister, Medinsky speaks often of the need to support national cinema. The main problem, according to the Minister, the inability of our filmmakers to compete with Hollywood.

In January 2017 the Ministry of culture has proposed to increase the cost distribution certificate (just a thousand times). If the collection of the movie will be successful and will exceed 200-300 million rubles, the price distribution certificate will be determined as a percentage of the total fees paintings in the Russian hire. According to industry experts, such measures will actually make it impossible to hire the author, a movie festival, which automatically becomes unprofitable.

Medina and scandal thesis

Member of the community “Discerned” Ivan Babitsky appealed to the Ministry of education with the request to deprive of Vladimir Medinsky the degree of doctor of Sciences. As stated Babitsky, the work of the Minister “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV — XVII centuries” has no scientific value.

Medina had long refrained from commenting (in his words, in General considering charges draw). Then spoke, saying that under historical facts understands not only the “objects of material culture”, but also ideas and myths spread among the peoples.

Not to see the myth of fact — is to cease to be a historian,

— the politician considers.

Medina and Garry Bardin

The famous animator Garry Bardin refused to extend the timing of the work on the cartoon “Three melodies”. The film received state support, and with it certain obligations in terms of the delivery of the material. The production was not completed in time due to the illness of the Director, he told Medina about the disease and attached copies of sick leaves. However, Bardin was denied, the Director has appointed a penalty in 160 thousand rubles.

Admirers Bardeen felt that its decision Medina “publicly insulted” the acknowledged master.

Medina and Lyudmila Ulitskaya

The Minister of culture in 2013 was a guest of the 70th anniversary of Lyudmila Ulitskaya and in his congratulatory speech for some reason called the birthday girl Elena Evgenievna, and then said that ten years ago I read “some of her novel” which “greatly brightened him leave.” Ulitskaya, is the winner of numerous Russian and international awards, after the party told journalists that he is not upset with the Minister. However, a few years later, in an interview with “Rain” said:

I can’t stand that culture directs comrade Medina. He is a man of very low cultural level.

Medina saying about the chromosomes of Russians

In a 2012 interview that Vladimir Medinsky gave a Russian-language newspaper “Russkaya zhizn”, published in the USA, the Minister said:

I believe that after all the disasters that befell Russia in the twentieth century, beginning with WWI and ending with perestroika, the fact that Russia has preserved and is developing, says our people have one extra chromosome.

Commentators on the Internet immediately noted that the number of unpaired chromosomes is a sign of down syndrome, so that the meaning of the statements of policy are not entirely clear.

Medina and Sergei Dovlatov

Another not entirely successful interview Medina gave in 2015, the TV channel “Russia” at the festival “changing her” in the Pskov region. Sergei Dovlatov (years of life: 1941 — 1990) Minister of culture was named “outstanding literary phenomenon of the second half of the XIX century”.

The press service of the Ministry of culture explained the clause “sverhnapryazheniya the schedule of Minister,” and expressed surprise at the fact that the phrase policy is not cut out of a news story.

Medina and a record fee

Fresh news: record-breaking fee, which must pay for the use of the novel “the Wall”, Vladimir Medinsky, a Small theatre. Book the Minister had based production of “the chaos”, premiered on may 10. According to information on the Procurement website, for copyright theatre paid 920 thousand roubles and would pay another 8 percent of the box office. Will have to pay not to Medina (he refused royalties, since the little theatre is subordinated to the Ministry of culture). The money will go to the Smolensk branch of the Russian military-historical society, the Minister is its Chairman. Needless to say that the Russian playwrights shocked at the size of royalties, according to them, these sums do not receive even the top authors. And for Medina, the word “Strife” is the debut as a theatrical writer.

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