The Ministers of the countries “Big seven” concerned about threats lurking on the Internet (PHOTOS)

Министры стран «Большой семерки» обеспокоены угрозами, таящимися в интернете (ФОТО)

The security ministries of the countries “Big seven” (G7) discussed on Tuesday, April 24 how to deal with the threats lurking in the nooks and crannies of the Internet.

Initially, the Minister of public safety Canada Ralph Goodal were bombarded with questions and offers of assistance from his colleagues after the incident in Monday’s tragedy: the van went onto the sidewalk in the Northern part of Toronto, killed 10 people and wounded 15 more.

However, the main theme of the last day of the meetings of the Ministers of the countries “Big seven” in Toronto has become an armed extremism and the ways to prevent the use of the Internet as a tool for his advocacy, financing and training of new “cadres.”

“The insidiousness of the message exchange on the Internet − said Gudal in an interview before the meeting. That worries me all the Ministers”.

Gudel and his colleagues from the countries “the Big seven” urged the major suppliers of Internet services − Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft (representatives of all these companies were also present at the meeting) is to do everything possible so that their online platform was not used “for the accommodation of terrorist materials or any other terrorist activity”.

Godal reported that service providers are aware of the need for cooperation and will discuss the options with the Ministers.

“You don’t want your platform was known as a safe haven for terror or sexual exploitation, human trafficking, or political intervention,” − he put an end to this conversation.

In his opening speech on Tuesday, the Minister of public safety Canada also said that cybertechnology become “destructive force” that can cause serious harm to the infrastructure and allows you to easily hide the identity of the attackers.

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