The Ministry of health changed the system of hospital discharge

Минздрав меняет систему выписки больничных

The Ministry plans to cancel the call of the doctor on the first day of illness to receive sick leave.

Ukraine will change the system of hospital discharge. About it in interview to RBC-Ukraine said the Deputy health Minister Pavlo Kovtonyuk. According to him, the Ministry of health began to change the system of issuing sick leave to rid the doctors of unnecessary house calls.

“The second reason for the need to call the ambulance at home is getting sick. Now we are changing the system of hospital discharge. I would like to before the end of the year we have managed to do it. Because we plan to create such a system, when there is no need to call the doctor in the first days of illness to get sick leave. These reasons call the doctor and we will remove and open the way for normal relations between doctor and patient,” said Kovtonyuk. However, it is unclear how will be the reform regarding hospital.

“While I can’t reveal all the cards, since working on it, but the Ministry of health, Ministry of social Affairs and social insurance Fund, which pays money for the hospital. For most of the parameters we have reached consensus. It will be a serious simplification of the procedure of obtaining them, which would satisfy both employers and the Fund, and the us. We want to relieve the doctor from having to design the hospital, because it is not a question of treatment, and social benefits. The physician will participate in this process only in order to testify the fact of disease,” – said the official.

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