The Ministry of natural resources is going to increase the penalties for environmental pollution

Минприроды собирается повысить штрафы за загрязнение окружающей среды

The Ministry of environment is working on ten bills relating to areas of waste.

One of the bills – the draft basic act on waste, and 9 of the draft laws creating the conditions of conduct of waste in various sectors. The Ministry want to have a revised policy in respect of fines.

This was announced by the Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak, said on the official website of the Ministry in Facebook.

“When studying the experience of European Union countries, we see that the fines were immediately raised when I introduced these norms and monitoring of compliance. We are also going this way. Today the Ministry of environment has proposed to the Ukrainian Parliament a significant increase of all fines in the administrative code that relate to the environment. This bill is a joint work with the Ministry of natural resources people’s deputies. He’s already passed the approval at the meeting of the relevant Committee. It was not easy, it was a hot debate and used arguments are that the Ukrainian society is poor, and therefore raise the fines on time. I think that this is an erroneous opinion,” highlights of Ostap, Semerak.

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