The minute retro: how wedding dress of Jacqueline Kennedy was hopelessly corrupt ten days before her marriage

John and Jacqueline Kennedy

12 September marks 65 years since the wedding of John and Jacqueline Kennedy. This marriage had not been exemplary and was rather unlucky for both spouses (John was not faithful, and Jacqueline was deeply depressed by her husband’s infidelity), he nevertheless firmly established in history. Today in our regular column we will discuss how the ceremony of wedding (and it must be said, was gorgeous) couple Kennedy was almost in jeopardy. And all because of that dress Jacqueline was spoiled just a few days before the wedding.

Time to prepare for the wedding, the couple was not much — 25 Jun Jon and Jaclyn got engaged, and on September 12 was supposed to go to the altar. Like any bride, Jacqueline in the first place, of course, attended the wedding dress. Trust in his design, she decided not eminent designer and little-known new York African-American designer Ann Lowe. Although Lowe has worked with the first persons of the state (the outfits she has at the time Sheila and Chet Roosevelt), author of the wedding dress the future first lady of the United States did not advertise — all the same to dark-skinned people were treated with great prejudice. They say that mother Jacqueline had insisted on a wedding dress for her daughter Sheila Lowe it (she got married in a dress of her own authorship).

Wedding dress Jacqueline Ann began to sew almost as soon as the order is received. For tailoring the attire for the bride is gone 45 meters of silk taffeta. Interestingly, Lowe chose the fabric colors ivory (however, it is possible that this was the wish of the future Mrs. Kennedy), although at the time to marry is mostly in outfits of white.

Work in the Studio Lowe was in full swing all day — the time allotted for sewing, not allowed to relax for a minute, and every mistake could be very costly. Eight weeks attire with bare shoulders and a full skirt with ruffles was ready, the day was approaching. The bride was in joyful anticipation and made the final touches in preparation for the holiday.

But ten days before the wedding, something happened that could and did to upset her. Well, or at least greatly to spoil the party. Lowe is in the Studio, where the wings were waiting for a wedding dress Jacqueline, a water main break. The bride’s wedding dress was hopelessly ruined. By the way, suffered not only it, but also the dresses of the bridesmaids, which she also ordered Lowe. What kind of shock was experienced by the designer when she came to his Studio, we can only guess. However, married Jacqueline came out in the dress, no different from the original. Just ten days the designer who worked nights, was able to sew is identical to the original instance. Jacqueline, which is about what happened said nothing, no difference did not see. Yes, bridesmaids also appeared at the wedding in the toilets — Lowe with their assistants was also sewn back together.

Needless to say that the designer after this order suffered significant losses. Not only that, initially, she took the wedding dress Jacqueline a fairly modest amount — just $ 500 (while her colleagues for such outfits took three times more), and then re-sewed all his own money.

It is interesting that the bride to their wedding outfit were dissatisfied, and compared it with shade. Jacqueline did not want to hold a big ceremony and her dress has seen more modest and uncluttered, and on this style, probably, insisted by her mother. However, after her wedding, a bride asked me to make them dress “like Jacqueline Kennedy.” It is now considered one of the most beautiful wedding dresses in history and continues to serve as an inspiration for fashion designers.

Dress Jacqueline Kennedy in the Kennedy Library

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