The most anticipated series July 2018 (Video)

Самые ожидаемые сериалы июля 2018 (Видео)

In the new season a lot of close series, but no less and those are extended.

In July many TV projects. Some of them we will analyze in detail their traditional collection.

“Ozarks”, 2 July

Financial Advisor Marti Byrd performed by Jason Bateman, is a typical representative of the middle class that has the car in the garage and a small savings. But the fact that it is not a normal average citizen, because for several years he’s laundering money of a drug cartel Navarro. The situation escalates and Marty with his family forced to move to the resort town of Ozark. The new place he hopes to fix their financial situation. “Ozarks”, by the way, already being compared to the legendary series “breaking bad”.

July 6 – “Sacred games” from Netflix (new series)

“Sharp objects”, July 8

Mini-series based on the novel by writer Gillian Flynn and talks about the crime reporter Camille Pricker that comes out of the psychiatric hospital and goes to his hometown. The victims of the maniac of steel were a few girls and Camille have to deal with this case.

July 11 – “Courtesan” (second season)

“Force majeure” (eighth season), July 18

This is the story of how Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) went to lead his own firm in Seattle, but the game never stops, why Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Robert (Wendell pierce) getting ready for the next round. Together with them in the new series returns to Katrina (Amanda Shull).

July 19 – “Snowfall” (second season) and “trial and error” from NBC (second season).

July 20 – “Killjoys” (fourth season) and “Wynona Earp” (third season).

“Castle Rock”, July 25

The series is based on stories by Stephen king and tells the fictional town of castle Rock. The project involved bill Skarsgard (played clown Pennywise in the recent film adaptation of the book “It”) and sissy Spacek, who played in the movie “Carrie”, a film based on another novel by king.

“Orange – hit of the season”, July 27

In the new sixth season will be shown the events after the prison riot. Become aware future heroines, because it ended at a very interesting place. If you think that the horror is happening in men’s prisons, check out this series. Your opinion will definitely change. But there has not been without humor, charismatic characters and, of course, tears.

July 31 – “No strings” from Hulu (the fourth and final season)

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