The mother of the family who stabbed him in the throat his 13-year old daughter declared irresponsible

La mère de famille qui a poignardé à la gorge sa fille de 13 ans déclarée irresponsable

Christelle P., 46 years old, appeared this week before the assize court of Epinal for an assassination attempt on his own daughter of 13 years.

The events took place on the night of may 16, 2016 in the pavilion family located in Vagney, in the Vosges.

That night, she had administered sleeping pills to her three children, then aged 10, 13 and 16 years and had decided to kill all three for after suicide.

She had entered the room of her daughter Lola, 13 years old. Sitting on her bed, she had watched him sleep for ten minutes, before stabbing him three times in the carotid artery.

Awakened by the pain, the teenage girl had stopped her mother, who had then become aware of his gesture and called the emergency services. The girl was saved.

On the eve of the tragedy, her husband had told him to want to leave her for another woman.

Jurors said Friday the accused is irresponsible for his acts, then that 8 years of imprisonment were required.

After 32 months of detention, the mother has been released at the end of his trial. The public prosecutor will decide next week whether to appeal the verdict.