The names of the new victims of poisoning in Salisbury

Названы имена новых жертв отравления в Солсбери

The victim is a former Russian citizen.

Victims of poisoning in the Prezzo restaurant in Salisbury are 42-year-old Briton Alex king and his 30-year-old wife from Nizhny Novgorod Anna Shapiro, writes British newspaper the Sun, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

On this, as the newspaper notes, she told Shapiro. The woman reported that during dinner, her husband became ill and he went to the bathroom.

After 15 minutes, she went after him and found lying on the floor with “foam at the mouth”. Following this, she began to call for help, and then she became ill and the most.

The victims were taken to a local hospital, and her husband first entered into an artificial coma, but now he regained consciousness.

The woman was discharged from hospital on Monday evening, September 17, she is in a local hotel under the surveillance of the police.

Intelligence sources told the newspaper that king and Shapiro could be poisoned with strychnine.

Recall, a restaurant in downtown Salisbury, cordoned off after the man and woman felt ill during dinner on September 16.

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