The Network has found the most polite cat in the world

В Сети нашли самого вежливого в мире кота

The cat has become the new star of the Network. In the UK on one of the streets of Bootle took video of the cat that independently knocked at the door of the house, reports the with reference to

26-year-old Dan Richardson told the newspaper the Liverpool Echo that he was setting up a GPS in a car when the eye saw of a dog that climbed up on a trash can at the entrance, stood on his hind legs and knocked on a door knocker to inform the hosts about your visit.

“I was puzzled. It’s not something you see every day. I don’t think anyone saw something like that” – commented the man.

Posted a video immediately gained viral popularity over the past few days it had been viewed over 300 thousand times. Netizens said that from the heart laughed at what he saw, and called the cat “the most polite pet.”

The journalists of the newspaper asked readers to help find a cat and its owner to figure out, it always does, but so far no one has contacted.

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