The Network has shared a creepy story about the Playground in a cemetery in the United States

В Сети поделились жуткой историей о детской площадке на кладбище в США

The anomalous area is located in Alabama.

Drost Park in the us city of Huntsville, Alabama is probably the most poorly located Park in the world. It’s a tiny place, known informally as the “Playground of dead children” hidden in the middle of the 100-acre cemetery, maple hill. But because you guessed, there are even ghosts, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

Cemetery maple hill, opened in 1822, is the largest graveyard of Alabama. Despite the fact that the cemetery itself is considered an evil place, where from time to time, there is a variety of paranormal activity, it is the “Playground of dead children”, hidden here, is a Mecca for those who want to meet a real Ghost.

В Сети поделились жуткой историей о детской площадке на кладбище в США

Any local resident will tell you that a small Playground inhabited by the spirits of boys and girls playing here after sunset. Nobody remembers who had the idea to open a cemetery in the middle of the Playground where children can romp while the adults visit the graves of relatives.

The Park is filled with trees with dense canopies, bad light even on the sunniest days. The site has a sinister twilight, blending in perfectly with the tragic history of this place. In addition, Drost is fenced on three sides by sheer cliffs, which gives it a strict isolation from the outside world.

Where the Playground came from the ghosts of children

Popular urban legend has it that in the forties of the last century, near the cemetery began to occur abduction of children. Unfortunately, many child victims are not able to escape from an unknown maniac, and their lifeless bodies were found near the place where the now infamous Park. The killer is never found.

В Сети поделились жуткой историей о детской площадке на кладбище в США

Over time, enthusiasts and thrill seekers began to come here at night to deal with something unknown. Eyewitnesses reported that at night on the ground you can see mysterious silhouettes and the lights and the pale orbs (called “orbs”) in the air. Out of the darkness often heard frequent spanking of small bare feet and children’s laughter, and the swings swinging back and forth by themselves, even in the absence of wind.

Residents of Huntsville is so fond of his frightening attraction that in 2007, when the city authorities decided to expand the cemetery and clean up a Playground, expressed public protest such lack of foresight of the officials that forced the latter not only to maintain Drost, but also to replace all Playground equipment to a new, more modern.

It seems that the “Playground of dead children”, to the delight of the citizens, anywhere in the foreseeable future is not going anywhere. And judging by the fact that supernatural activity is increasing here every year, it is safe to assume that inhabit the Park, too, the spirits are pleased that residents are protective of their abode…

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