The network has shown an electric bus with a trailer

В сети показали электрический автобус с прицепом

The bus spare batteries are in the trailer.

The power reserve for the electric bus is an important parameter, however, today many producers do not increase, but rather declined.

Electric bus recharges on short stops using the pantograph to the roof of the bus, and as energy storage supercapacitors are used. This helps to abandon the heavy batteries, which not only reduce the cost of the electric bus, but also to increase its passenger capacity.

The designers of the Moscow company “PC Transport system” came up with a novel way to increase mileage for your bus “pioneer-6218”. They have installed the lithium-manganese batteries with a capacity of 150 kW.h no where else but in the trailer.I wonder what are the main trailer battery, but the backup (with a capacity of 50 kW.h.) the bus is on the roof. The latter uses only when the trailer battery is fully discharged.

In the end, 85-seater electric bus “pioneer-6218” has a total range of up to 200 km And the backup battery the car will drive just 50 km away towing a trailer with batteries has its pros and cons: it can be quickly replaced, but the agility with him, as well as aesthetic appearance are not the same.

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