The Network has shown Lamborghini with a motor from Chevrolet

В Сети показали Lamborghini с мотором от Chevrolet

Under her hood is not a 3.9 l V12 engine, a Chevy V8 unit.Online for 49 $ 500 sell unique Lamborghini Espada 1970, from the V8 engine from Chevrolet. Of course, fans of the Lamborghini cars are unlikely to enjoy this hybrid, because it cannot be considered original, reports the with reference to Autoblog.

However, it pleases us personally. We were pleasantly surprised that the old Espada got a more powerful engine.

Under her hood is not a 3.9 l V12 engine, a Chevy V8 unit. Judging by the photos, this Lamborghini Espada has traveled a lot on roads (mainly on American roads).

However, it is in good condition. The cabin could not be so old, but let’s not forget that before us the car in 1970. Therefore, no claims. Recall that serial production Lamborghini Espada began in 1968.

It lasted until 1978. His first engine is a 3.9 l unit V12. The maximum speed is 241 km/h.

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