The Network has uncovered the shameful secrets of Angelina Jolie

В Сети раскрыли постыдные тайны Анджелины Джоли

Skeletons in the closet is each person.Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie regrets about many things, although not that broke someone else’s family. Says made a mistake when she married brad pitt. As the love of my life became the number one mistake, and all this despite the fact that Angelina herself is not without sin. What kind of errors the most Jolie ashamed to speak out, reports the with reference for Today.

As it turned out, to break up families for Angelina is not the first time. She destroyed the marriage of the actress uma Thurman with her husband Ethan hawke. Jolie had an affair on the set. Details none of the parties has not commented. As a result, Uma and Ethan broke up. But, they say, marriage is the most Angelina smashed her brother, another mistake Jolie. Remember hot kisses on the red carpet in 2000? And although nothing happened between them, how he convinced both then, that James became a third wheel at home with Jolie and pitt.

According to insiders, some of the children of Angelina and brad called him dad. It’s wildly irritated Pete, and than all ended – you know. But the worst mistake actress drugs.

“I tried drugs in the world! The fact that I didn’t die young, I just got lucky. I remember once took a dose before going to Disneyland. Look at their Mickey mouse, and instead see a middle-aged man who hates life,” said the actress.

In 2014, Jolie came on the red carpet dressed in a white powder, but it was a typical beauty error of Angelina.

“This powder for makeup in the movie, which is in the world spotlight provides natural glow to the skin. But when the camera flashes, this powder looks like flour. Makeup artist Jolie didn’t think about that when doing her makeup for the red carpet,” – said the beauty editor of gloss Jess Lacey.

The following error Jolie did in the movie. Star decided to shoot their own film, where he became and actress, and Director, and screenwriter. The film, which cost $ 10 million, in the office collapsed. For the first weekend has collected almost 100 000. Shot poorly, played even worse, say critics. All the mistakes the actress to forgive yourself.

“I believe in the old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Our experience, good or bad, makes us who we are. Overcoming difficulties, we gain strength and maturity,” says the actress.

Today she’s a UN Ambassador, mother of many children and the victim, as she says, that drunkards brad. And what he says pitt?

“He understood that when he left Jennifer for Angelina, made the biggest mistake of my life” – said someone from the environment of brad pitt.

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