The network is delighted by the smiling pit bull

Сеть в восторге от улыбающегося питбуля

Looking at it, it’s impossible not to smile!–nevozmogno-ne-ulibnutsyaПитбуль new York has the unusual ability of dogs to smile. Pictures of dog won the hearts of the users of the network.

As you know, a dog named Brinks became the pet of the new Yorker John Bosaca in 2004. The man was impressed by the unusual ability of a pit bull – a dog can smile widely.

Just my told that constantly puts them Brinks in social networks. According to John, the dog was so happy to new owners, the smile almost never comes down from his happy face. “Brinks always smiling, even when sleeping. He was a very special dog,” shared the owner of the pit bull.

John just my also admitted that he never regretted that took him to his home. “This is definitely the best decision I ever made,” added the man.

We add that this week the “dog ulybaka” to celebrate his birthday. It should wish Brinks to delight the world with his human smile for many more years.

A dog named Brinks picked up on the street John, just my 12 years ago

Сеть в восторге от улыбающегося питбуля

Сеть в восторге от улыбающегося питбуля

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