The Network showed a “toothy” Chevrolet SSR

В Сети показали "зубастый" Chevrolet SSR

Car Chevrolet SSR performed by the DinoSSauR.

Recently in showroom North Freeway Hyundai car Chevrolet SSR performed by the DinoSSauR. It should be noted that the model in the standard version is quite unusual, and the new versions it became even more strange, reports the with reference to

Showroom Hyundai car came on an exchange program Trade-in. The front part of the car have lights that mimic the eyes of a reptile, instead of the grille on the bumper flaunt the teeth, and the hood is designed in the form of the nostrils of the animal.

The vehicle has a balloon with carbon dioxide, which is used for smoke machines. In addition, the car can be loud play scary sounds with the new audio system.

In the motion of a car is given a 6-liter engine at 390 HP, working with 6-speed manual transmission. DinoSSauR Chevrolet SSR for sale in Texas, it costs 32 thousand dollars.

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