The Network showed the legendary Ukrainian actress living in poverty

В Сети показали легендарную украинскую актрису, живущую в нищете

The journalist called on the authorities to help Ukrainian artist.Yanina Sokolova told about the star of the Ukrainian cinema, who lives in a cramped apartment in an old shabby staircase, reports В Сети показали легендарную украинскую актрису, живущую в нищете with reference to RBC.

Well-known journalist and TV presenter Yanina Sokolova urged the authorities to help the outstanding Ukrainian artists who live in poverty.

On his Facebook page Sokolova posted a touching post, in which he told about the legend of Ukrainian cinema Larissa Kadochnikova.

“This woman is an icon. Her 81. She – people’s artist of Ukraine and performer of the insane amount of roles in theater and film, among them a landmark – Marichka in the legendary film “shadows of forgotten ancestors” Parajanov. About Larissa Kadochnikova knows the entire educated world of cinema. Because the film is included in the curricula of universities in new York and Berlin, Toronto and Paris, Vienna and Warsaw. Studying the films with the participation of Larisa Valentinovna in Ukraine,” wrote Janina, post a photo with the legendary artist.

But, according to the presenter, now Kadochnikova, like many other prominent artists in need of support and assistance, primarily to authorities.

“All my life, Larisa Kadochnikova lives in an apartment in 29 square meters. 29! In the old, shabby entrance on Victory Avenue. Larisa Valentinovna three times asking to the reception for the Minister of culture, and three times she refused because he was busy. I am ashamed that this movie legend, whose 81 (look for Ms. Larissa, it is impossible to believe!) to live in poverty. Yesterday I drove her to the theater. And promised that we will do everything possible for the authorities of the city and the country drew attention to legends which can be counted on the fingers of one hand… Kadochnikov is one of them… Let’s give Larisa Valentinovna right to a decent life!” concluded Sokolov.

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