The Network told how to change the new Audi TT

В Сети рассказали, как изменится новая Audi TT

Car produced since 1998.Audi TT new generation will be a four-door coupe, according to Auto Express, citing its own sources. The bosses of the company from Ingolstadt has already made the appropriate decision, reports the with reference to Аutonews.

The first generation Audi TT was introduced in 1998. It is a compact sports coupe with two doors. Now motorists are offered the third generation of this model. Its a new generation will appear in the next two years. And it will be a four-door coupe.

The new Audi TT will be built on the platform MQB. The car will grow in size. Its length will increase by 240 mm, and the wheelbase is 120 mm. of Course, thanks to the cabin will be much roomier. In the range of engines will include “soft” hybrid petrol and diesel units. Buyers will also offer a version with a rechargeable hybrid powertrain. It is possible appearance and all-electric versions.

In 2014, Audi has revealed the four-door Audi TT Sportback concept. It is much more practical than the standard two-door coupe. That is, the Germans have long wanted to remake in a four-door TT variant.

This new product in the Audi lineup will be, most likely, under the A5 Sportback. She will compete with such models as the Mercedes CLA and BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe with a long wheelbase.

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