The new boss of DC Movies will save the DCEU ? It makes the point






If you can give the impression of being critical vis-à-vis the DCEU, it would not be wrong. We do not do this, because it gives us a perverse pleasure but first and foremost because we love this universe and we worry a lot for him.

And it is true that it is pretty bad since the release of the Justice League. We do not really understand in which direction want to go, Warner and DC Comics as there was still no confirmation that the DCEU itself still exists, and if it is destined to continue its expansion. Even if several films are currently in preparation or at the end of production, there is still a big question mark on the overall direction of the project.



This may be the best time to ask the question elsewhere, then that Geoff Johns, the one who had to save the DCEU and beat Marvel, left his functions for the benefit of Walter Hamada. Begun in January 2018, the new strong man has not lost his time, even if it has not been really present on the public scene, busy maneuvering behind the scenes and to take power in the best conditions.

The website the Playlist informs us that during all this time, Hamada was in the coal and, apparently, an action plan is already outlined. In effect, Hamada is currently in full restructuring of the DCEU : selection of projects to be put forward, and elimination of the least promising. According to an inside source at the studio, anonymous of course, it would be all fights :

“He takes care of the projects already in development, it down some, it raises others. He keeps an eye on the hero’s iconic, just as much as on the characters, the less well-known that could meet the success. He found himself in a situation of shit and now he does the cleaning.”



If it is more or less everything fans hoped for a while, concretely speaking, it is still very vague. To make the point. For the moment, only three films are in production : Aquaman (which will be released on 19 December), Wonder Woman 1984 (which has just started filming), and Shazam (which is expected to finish hers). These are the three films that are safe. Then comes The Batman of Matt Reeves, the script would have finally been delivered to the studio.



There’s also Suicide Squad 2 whose shooting has been postponed and comes to welcome two new writers. And then, there are projects a bit clumsier, and which still require confirmation. As the film on the Joker with Jared Leto or even the movie about Harley Quinn, or even Gotham City Sirens if it is not dead. Not to mention the other film Joker with Joaquin Phoenix that would go into a label as an alternative to the DCEU, DC Black. We are not talking about Man of Steel 2 , which no longer gives any sign of life.

And then there’s the film Flash, formerly Flashpoint, formerly The Flash, which should already be on all screens, but which has not yet been turned. It is still current even if it is now envisaged as a prism, more light and bright than before. It would be as well designed with Back to the future as a reference. His shooting is planned for the beginning of the year 2019 and, if all goes well, he should be the next big chapter of the DCEU.

Here, like this, it is a little more clear.


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