The new moon may 15: what not to do in this time

Новолуние 15 мая: что нельзя делать в это время

Experts have told that the Moon mostly affect men.

May 15 14:47 the Moon entered the phase of new Moon. At this time the Moon is not visible because it is facing the Earth the dark side.

Experts argue that the male gender in this period of time becomes more aggressive, quick-tempered, in addition to this, there is a noticeable decrease in mental and physical activity.

What not to do in new Moon

  • You can not engage in heavy physical labor;
  • Long time is for driving the vehicle;
  • Banned in large doses to consume strong alcoholic drinks etc.
  • It is impossible to conclude a major transaction, sign an important contract.

According to statistics it is in this phase occurs most strokes and heart attacks. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertensive, hypotensive, etc. need to be extremely careful in this dangerous period in time to take medication.

The people there are a few important take, what not to do after sunset. Our ancestors were careful to do many everyday things in the evening to keep the house a prosperity, happiness and health.

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