The new The Grudge would be terrifying, far more Insidious






The next The Grudge will be an excellent horror film. This is the actress Lin Shaye says.

The ghost has long hair, it is still back. After Ju-on : The Grudge and its sequel made by Takashi Shimizu, an american remake with Sarah Michelle Gellar and a sequel again directed by the japanese filmmaker, then a The Grudge 3 in DTV with a new team, the curse of the japanese will be entitled to a new life with a Grudge.

Presented as a reboot that would be between a whole new mythology, and an exploration inédité of the previous films, the Grudge is directed by Nicolas Pesce, noticed with his first film The Eyes of My Mother. If Andrea Riseborough will be the heroine, the cast also Lin Shaye, well known to amateurs of chills, because it is the medium of the series Insidious – where she went from second to first role, in Insidious 4 : The Last Key. She was also in Ouija and Ouija 2 : The Origins, and his filmography counts The Claws of the night, Critters, or Amityville – Darkforce.

The lady is not his first foray into the horror, and what it tells us about Grudge is so fun.


Even an evil spirit for Lin


When questioned about the film by Lin Shaye has released the sweet talk promo usual without taking of gloves :

“Wait until you see it. This is the most scary of the films on which I have been, and not a little. And this is the most scary of the roles that I have had, the point bar. It comes out in August. I am very excited. Horror fans will go mad, I can promise that.”

Of course, there is nothing surprising to see a player defend his film and present it as fantastic. But the actress insists and sells the dream, and cite the talent of the director Nicolas Pesce as the main reason :

“And this will make the difference is Nicolas Piesce, the director and screenwriter, who is extraordinary. I mean, it is a true visionary.”


The good climax of the first film with Sarah Michelle Gellar


Nevermind the fact that Lin Shaye has worked with such as James Wan, regarded as a filmmaker, very talented, and even Wes Craven on The Claws of the night in 1985, to report that Nicolas Pesce has actually been very noticed, with the horror film The Eyes of My Mother” (released on video in march 2017 in France). His second realisation, Piercing, began to spin in the festival.

Sam Raimi, through his company Ghost House Pictures is behind the movie, like The Grudge and The Grudge 2. John Cho, Demian Bichir and Jacki Weaver are also on the poster for this new Grudge, in theaters August 16, 2019 in the USA.


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