The New York Times called the best actors of 2018 (photo, video)

The New York Times назвала лучших актеров 2018 (фото, видео)

Influential American newspaper the New York Times presented traditional ranking of the best actors. This year it included 12 celebrities, including both men and women. Heroes shot a funny dance videos. Their production involved the resident in the new York city ballet Justin peck. The usual characters fall into a familiar situation: a crowded subway car, a long stay in the doctor’s office, struck the shower.

“As soon as the actors start to move, they make our overall situation in the moments of charm”, — explained the authors of the rating.

A prestigious leader of the rating became a famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts (“Erin Brockovich”, “Nasty lady”).

The New York Times назвала лучших актеров 2018 (фото, видео)

The best, according to the newspaper, were also Toni Collette (“is Container”), Lakit Stanfield (“Sorry to bother you”), Glenn close (“Fatal attraction,” “Dangerous liaisons”), Regina Hall (“Think like a man”), Ethan hawke (“Training day”), Elsie Fisher (the mean girl), Alice Aparicio (“Rome”), Yu And Ying (“national bankruptcy Day”), Emma stone (“La La land”), Olivia Colman (“the Night clerk”), Rachel Weisz (“the devoted gardener”).

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