The next human on the Moon will be a woman in 2028, according to Nasa

Le prochain humain sur la Lune sera une femme en 2028 selon la Nasa

While Nasa plans to send new astronauts to the Moon, and then Mars in the decades to come, its administrator has said that the next foot to ask would be “probably” that of a woman.

The next human being to walk on the Moon and on Mars could be a woman. At least if it is an American. On the occasion of Women’s day on 8 march, the administrator of Nasa spoke about what could be a strong symbol.

“It is likely that the next person on the Moon will be a woman. And the first person on Mars is also likely to be a woman,”said Jim Bridenstine during a radio interview WNYC.

If more women are involved with space missions, they remain under-represented. For example, among the 38 astronauts of the Nasa activity (likely to be selected for a next mission), there are only 12 women. Soon, the first output spatial 100% of women should take place around the international space Station. In the figures, however, show a significant change, since all countries combined, only about sixty women went in the space for nearly 10 times more men.

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Especially, no woman is associated with a first of the conquest of space, with the exception of the Russian Valentina Tereshkova, who in 1963 became… the first woman in space. It will have to wait 19 years for that to happen again. No woman has participated to the race to the Moon, either the soviet side or in the Apollo missions.

The announcement of Jim Bridenstine, however, does not promise. Moreover, it does not commit other space agencies, in particular the Russians, who consider them to also aim for the Moon. Nasa update on sending astronauts to the Moon in 2028. These tasks should enable it to prepare the travel to Mars, for that the one (the one?) of them crowd the floor of the red Planet in the 2030s.

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