The Normandin SME at the Agricultural Expo … to recruit employees

In this period of labor shortage, all means are good for recruiting new employees. Including going to court his future workers … at the Agricultural Expo in Saint-Hyacinthe.
This is the option chosen by the company specializing in the transformation of sheet metal Normandin, Saint-Valerien-de-Milton. Representatives of the SME will follow one another at the colorful booth inside the BMO Center for the duration of the Expo, which took off on Thursday and ends on July 27.

“We asked a lot. We met to see how we could be innovative, different, how to make ourselves known a little more, how to make our employer brand known and look for different basins, rather than just post and wait for people to apply. This is where we had the idea to go to the Expo, “said the head of human resources in the company of more than 90 employees, Mariève D’amours.

The latter states that about fifteen positions are currently posted, particularly for evening and weekend shifts. Operators and welders are among others sought after.

Paid training is also offered internally for certain positions in order to compensate for the reduced experience that some candidates may have.

“The business is booming and that (lack of manpower) is blocking us a bit. (…) We do fairs (employment) like everyone else, but that’s not what it was, “laments Mariève D’amours.

Not a restaurant!

Normandin is part of the Mundial Group, which has seven companies each with their expertise. His close collaboration with his “sister company”, Métal Bernard of the Quebec City region, is among others the source of the busy order book of the SME, says the head of human resources.

In 2016, Normandin had 66 employees. That number jumped to 92 in 2019. “And we still miss it to keep growing. We would like to go to 110, 115 so that our production is functional on all shifts “, drops Mariève D’amours.

The company is counting on its presence at the Expo agricultural Saint-Hyacinthe to be seen more near the large group of festival goers who frequent the site.

“We hope to be able to hiring with this process. But we especially want people to meet the family of Normandin and they know us to no longer be mixed with Normandin restaurants, laughs slips the head of human resources.

According to her, some of the products made by the company can be found at her booth. Different games and competitions will also be realized during the event.

Not the only ones

Normandin’s presence at the Saint-Hyacinthe Agricultural Expo and his recruiting objectives are not as unusual as they seem, says the director of communications for the event, Gaston Doré.

“There are not many companies like that, but there were last year. It has become increasingly difficult to recruit people and when there is room on the ground, we offer the opportunity to companies, who rent their space. We have booths of all kinds, so we help society too, “said Mr. Doré.

“People find every possible way to look for employees. And that’s one of the ways to find it because it spends 190,000 people here during the Expo, “says the director of communications of Expo.

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