The number of victims of hurricane Michael in the US has increased

Число жертв урагана "Майкл" в США возросло

The hurricane Michael in the US has claimed the lives of twelve people.The hurricane Michael which struck the US, claimed the lives of 12 people. This writes the with reference to the Telegraph

“At least 12 people died because of falling trees and other cases related to the hurricane in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, once one of the most powerful hurricanes in U.S. history struck the North-West coast of Florida”, – stated in the message.

The head of the Federal Agency for emergency management USA (FEMA) Brock long said that today and tomorrow the number of victims can increase.

Previously reported seven dead. In North Carolina as a result of the disaster were left without power more than 390 thousand homes and possessions.

Also because of the hurricane in the States of North Carolina and Georgia were canceled most flights.

It is noted that currently, the hurricane weakened to a tropical storm.

As reported, the storm “Michael” will go down in history as the third powerful blow to the mainland of the United States in history of official observation, after he reached the coast on Wednesday with the force of a hurricane the fourth category, the constant wind speed was 155 mph is only 2 mph less than iconic status of the fifth category. We know of two deaths due to falling trees from strong wind gusts.

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