The Nun : the good sisters of Conjuring fall the cornet in a first trailer for scary






The Conjuring Universe unveils a new territory nightmarish in the very first trailer of The Nun.

Directed by Corin Hardy (the director who had resigned from the reboot of The Crow), the movie recycles one of the elements of Conjuring 2 : The case of Enfield, namely, the antagonist Valak, who appears in the film, James Wan under the guise of a nun fresh out of a rave party, with 32 years on the side of Hanover.

In short, what is causing this new chapter, which takes place many years before the chapters of the canonical saga, devoted to the investigations of the spouses Warren ?



We will follow the father Burke, sent by the highest ecclesiastical authorities to investigate the death of a nun in Romania. As he will soon discover, this death is not the consequence of an orgy of nuns a little too worn on the sacramental wine, but an entity of evil very very evil.

In the program, as in Annabelle , and his suite, a decal of the method James Wan. You will find in this trailer, a festival of jump scares based on the sound mix. The buffs should logically be there.

Strongly on the 19th of September next, that this nasty nun shows us what is hidden under his scapular.


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