The nutritionist explained why it is harmful to drink plenty of water

Диетолог объяснила, почему вредно пить много воды

Often, nutrition experts and nutritionists say that if you drink enough water, you can become seriously ill. But is it?

Even the acting Minister of health Suprun said recently that the recommended daily intake of water varies from 2.5 to 3.7 liters for men and about 2 and 2.7 liters for women. However, the dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia calls the myth of the norm, is encouraged to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Us for decades steadily and “authoritative” impose all need to drink 2.5 – 3 or even 4 liters of water. They say that water “flushes out toxins”, make smooth the skin, eliminating wrinkles and the like. Even came up with a clear figure 8, writes nutritionist on his page in Facebook.

According to Skitalinskaia, the water is definitely good for the body, but no scientific evidence is necessary to drink large amount of water is nowhere.

Why you should not drink a lot of water?

1. In food products there are many so-called bound water, in particular, fruits, berries, vegetables (85-90%); milk (90%), meat, fish, eggs (75-90%) and in the cereals and pasta.

2. In the oxidation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates is also highlighted water – 100 g fat – almost 100 ml of water; 100 grams of carbohydrates – more than 55 ml of protein – about 40 ml.

3. If the daily rate of water is approximately 2700 ml, it does not mean that this water you need to drink, adds the expert.

Since we obtain water:

• 500 ml of liquid food;

• 700 ml products (vegetables, fruits, berries, cereal)

• 1000 ml – water, tea, coffee, drinks, etc.);

• 300-400 ml of endogenous water, which is formed in the process of metabolism.

According to Skitalinskaia, the rate of water for an adult is about 40 ml per kg of normal body weight and 100-150 ml per kilogram of body weight. That is, only one liter of water in the so-called free the need for a person without excessive exercise and without excessive sweating.

“Anything over and above this norm is overload of the heart and blood vessels, and enhanced protein breakdown, which is especially dangerous for older people (don’t force their parents to drink 2 or more liters of water),” – said the expert.

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