The NYPD withdrew 3 thousand body cameras after one exploded

NYPD отозвал 3 тыс. нательных камер после того, как одна взорвалась

The NYPD withdrew 3 thousand body cameras after one exploded

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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A little over a year after the police Department of new York has launched a pilot program on the supply of 22 thousand policemen wearable mini-cameras, the initiative seems to have come to naught.

According to the NYPD, on Saturday (20 October) one of the officers on Staten island were going on shift, but wearing the wearable camera, I noticed that out of it comes smoke. After the officer removed the device, it exploded.

As a result of the incident, the officer was not injured, but the Department decided to recall all camera models Vievu LE-5.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our officers and NYPD to equip the best equipment is a priority“, – said the representative of the NYPD Kim Royster.

The police reported about the possible cause of the explosion: it was probably caused by a defect that was caused by the ignition of the battery. But, according to the NYPD, this issue is still under investigation.

At this point in 16 police stations nearly 3 thousand employees use the camera Vievu LE-5. Police Commissioner James O’neill banned the use of devices until then, until the defect is corrected.

Meanwhile, the Daily News sources say that all body camera, as a rule, was quite defective.

Field conditions this bad, they break easily“, – said the insider, adding that the power switch on many cameras is too sensitive, making it difficult to record the important points of the workflow.

As reported in the NYPD, an earlier version of LE4 device is working properly. Currently, employees use 15 500 mini cameras.

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