The officer arrested the driver of the van, doesn’t want to be a “hero” (PHOTO)

Офицер, арестовавший водителя фургона, не хочет быть “героем” (ФОТО)

Officer police Toronto Ken Lam, who made the arrest on Monday afternoon, 25-year-old Alec Minassian, the driver of the van, moved and killed a pedestrian, said he did not want to be singled out as any more, than colleagues who participated in the operation with him. He stated that he was doing was just doing his job, like other police, so everyone deserves equal treatment.

Earlier actions of the police and the entire Department is even called “the only bright moment” of the day.

Ken Lama for 42 years. The video, which shows how the suspect was sent to Lama black object, almost immediately leaked. According to recent reports, the arrest was made 7 minutes after the first 911 call.

In the video, Lam shouted to the suspect: “Come on. On the floor,” to which Minassian said, “Kill me”, and then added: “I Have a gun in your pocket”. Lam remained completely calm and said: “I don’t care. On the floor or you get shot”. Then the suspect went to the police and he was arrested.

Now Lamas is on temporary leave and will return to work only after will be ready to do it. The police officer reported that he got problems with sleep, because he doesn’t stop to think about their colleagues from the Department and experience.

It is known that 14 years Lam worked as an engineer, and then joined the police because I wanted to do something more for the residents.

Also the police reported that in the judgment of Lam will be one of the key witnesses.

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