The opening of the festival Stratford Festival in Ontario fell through due to the warning about the bomb (PHOTO)

Открытие фестиваля Stratford Festival в Онтарио сорвалось из-за предупреждения о бомбе (ФОТО)

The organizers of the festival Stratford Festival announced that the official opening of the 2018 season had to be cancelled, as the entire building evacuated due to warnings about the alleged bomb in this bomb.

Police in Stratford, Ontario, wrote on Monday, may 28, on Twitter, about 18:45 p.m. they received a call that the venue of the festival laid explosives.

The organizers of the event immediately informed, and all the people of the Avon and Festival theatres, where was held the festival was evacuated as a precaution.

The police searched the scene for suspicious objects or packages.

Ann Swerdfager, advertising Director of the festival Stratford Festival, announced that visitors, staff and participants presentation of “The Tempest” quickly left the building.

She noted that the cost of all tickets purchased will be reimbursed and the ticket holders will be contacted by the staff of the festival.

Swerdfager added that all performances on Tuesday, may 29, including opening of “The Music Man” will continue according to plan – with the introduction of enhanced security measures.

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