The opponents of the Ukrainian team in the group of Euro 2020 were left without a head coach

Соперник сборной Украины в группе Евро-2020 остался без главного тренера

The Lithuanian football Federation announced the resignation of head coach of the national team’s 43-year-old of Edgaras Jankauskas (Balts will play with Ukraine in the same group of UEFA Euro 2020). The parties agreed to terminate the cooperation by mutual consent. The Lithuanian football Federation has already begun the search for a new specialist.

The winner of Champions League 2004 and UEFA Cup in 2003 the Portuguese Porto, Jankauskas led the team in Lithuania from January 2016. Under his leadership, the team played 29 matches in which he scored only three victories, five draws and suffered a 21 defeat. In the group division With the League of Nations, the Lithuanians, not gaining any points, took the last place and were relegated to League D.

Incidentally, during his career, Edgaras Jankauskas has played in 16 (!) clubs Lithuania, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France, Scotland, Cyprus, Latvia and the United States. Besides conquering two European Cup trophies, a forward, five times recognized as the best player of his country, also became the champion of Belgium and Portugal, won the Cup of Lithuania, Portugal and Scotland. Before coming to coaching post in the team was headed by Jankauskas of Lithuania “Trakai”.

Photo of the Lithuanian football Federation

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